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Top 5 books for small creative business - my recommended reads

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Pouss Design recommended small business books Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert

Pouss Design small creative business books

I could easily choose 50 books to add to this list, such is the expanse on my bookshelf. I love reading in general, choosing my top five books for small creative businesses was hard. I’ve gone for five books that will inspire, educate, uplift and challenge your thoughts on the creative process. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have:

  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
    It took me a few attempts to start to read this book, I couldn’t get into for some reason. I persevered as so many people had told me how brilliant this book is, and it is! This is my go to when my creative flow is low and I’m feeling a bit unstuck or unsure. Each chapter is short and digestible, full of wisdom, common sense and motivation. If you are seeking inspiration or a lift to action then this is the book to pick up. If you love it also check out the accompanying podcast of the same name.

  2. The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson
    After his watching his super TED talk I knew I had to read Ken Robinson’s book. Inspiring and humorous, I love the real life relatable stories of famous people and what they were like at school. The essence of the book explores how delving back into our passions in childhood can help us to reimagine paths for our adult lives now. Fun fact, he’s also a fellow Liverpudlian!

  3. Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone
    This is the follow up to the hugely popular Style Your Brand by Fiona (which I equally love and if you don’t have it then do try to get hold of a copy). A beautiful, tactile, glossy and gorgeous read with stunning photographs this is a real visual feast for creative inspiration. Practical advice and lessons make this a complete guide you can’t be without if you are serious about your brand reflecting your values and ethos coherently. Fiona is the master of this for small creative businesses and she imparts so much knowledge in her own flair in this book.

  4. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
    If you are stuck, feeling anxious or nervous about decisions or feeling you are unsure what direction to take I highly recommend this practical book. Filled with anecdotes and real life relatable examples it’s a motivational and common sense read to give you the kick up the bum that you are looking for.

  5. The Psychopath Test by John Ronson
    Scary, and a bit of an unconventional addition to my top five, but honestly this book if superb. If you are interesting in the psychology behind what makes people who they are then you will love this. I’ve included it as sometimes it’s nice to read something slightly off kilter when you are looking for a creative reboot. This book made me realise how many things I have that I take for granted in the context of the strangeness that is the world that we live in. A bit deep, but a life affirming and eye opening read underneath the darkness of the subject matter.

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