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Designing the new charm collection - behind the scenes

CreativityAmanda TaylorComment

September has always been like New Year for me, even long after I left school and University. In fact I enjoy it more than New Year (new stationery, warmer weather, my Birthday). I am back to my desk still working on a new collection of jewellery, one which has been many years in the making.


I’ll be making a limited and seasonal collection of precious silver and gold charms, cast from original designs based on vintage pieces from my (significant) charm collection. This is something I dreamed of doing when I started to make jewellery, from my love of my Grandmother’s charm bracelet. Years ago I would sell the vintage charms that I found and sourced, but part of me couldn’t bear to let the really special ones go. These are the basis for my new designs, which are being beautifully cast for me in the UK by a fantastic maker.


Casting in metal and designing the jewellery takes time, and I’m not rushing to get anything out until i’m 100% happy with it. I’ve taken the past few weeks over the summer to get back into designer mode, drawing, sketching and making, photographing everything I can, reading and sourcing colour inspiration everywhere. I’m still honing this down to a cohesive collection but once I’m there you will be the first to know. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear about the limited collection launch when all of the pieces are ready.

I will still have my range of personalised jewellery too, in fact I hope that the new collection will be able to incorporate some personalised initial elements also.

-Amanda x