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Kit list for beginners metal stamping

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Jewellery workshop hand stamped bracelets pouss design
pouss design metal stamped bracelets jewellery workshop

I’ve been running hand stamping workshops over the past 2 years now (wow time flies!) and love being able to teach and pass on jewellery knowledge. I know not everyone can make it to a workshop so if you want to give stamping onto metal a try here is my beginners kit list.

I will be selling starter metal stamping kits at my future workshops - if you’re interested in these do sign up to my newsletter and I will let you know when they’re available.

-Amanda x

Kit list for hand stamped jewellery by Pouss Design

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Style your craft market stall - my top 5 tips

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Photo by  Ellie Longhurst of Little Paisley Designs . Etsy Made Local in City Hall, College Green Bristol in December 2018

Photo by Ellie Longhurst of Little Paisley Designs. Etsy Made Local in City Hall, College Green Bristol in December 2018

You’ve chosen a craft market to attend, your fees are paid, your items are ready(ish) - but how will you set up a beautiful enticing display for potential customers? With a million and one other things to do the answer may be ‘who knows?’ - so here are some handy tips to help with your next market display.

Interior of  Anthropologie , Orlando, Florida, USA taken in April 2019

Interior of Anthropologie, Orlando, Florida, USA taken in April 2019

Anthropologie  is my favourite shop, each store has its own unique style but is still distinctly part of the brand

Anthropologie is my favourite shop, each store has its own unique style but is still distinctly part of the brand

These are a few tips and tricks that I have used over my years displaying at markets, designing displays for shops and styling inside of shops too.

Height - Most stalls, regardless of what you sell, will look better with varying heights to help display your items rather than all being on a flat surface. You don’t have to have anything fancy to do this, I used to use old cardboard boxes wrapped in lovely wrapping paper (see the 2016 Etsy in Bristol pop up shop window display for evidence!). This is a really inexpensive way to add depth and interest to the basic layout of your market table. You can also invest in acrylic stands (I have used these from Morplan) or a larger sturdy wooden stand if your budget allows for this.

Bird Can Fox  at Etsy Made Local Market

Bird Can Fox at Etsy Made Local Market

Alignment - symmetry is your friend. In a sea of amazing and overwhelming choice at markets I always think that an ordered and considered display really stands out. Even if each of your items is unique, you can still create balance and symmetry by having similar shaped items or coloured items together, laid out evenly. I don’t think this needs to be rigid, I just find that my eye is drawn to order when I am in surrounded by lots of choice. I wonder if there’s some psychology behind this? Answers on a postcard!

A gorgeous stall by  Annah of Girl and Bird  at Etsy Made Local December 2018. Photo by  Ellie Longhurst of Little Paisley Designs

A gorgeous stall by Annah of Girl and Bird at Etsy Made Local December 2018. Photo by Ellie Longhurst of Little Paisley Designs

Signage - beautiful on brand signs will really elevate your aesthetic and create a professional impression to customers. There are so many options to choose from, banners from Vistaprint, A4 signs you can print yourself, lasercut wooden signs or even small acrylic frames to display your business cards. I love Ellie from Little Paisley Designs market stalls, they look so warm, interesting and professional, like a little pop up Anthropologie store which appeals to me on so many levels!

Make sure that any signage fits cohesively with your brand identity, including colours and the choice of materials. For instance as much as I love green glitter it wouldn’t be the right choice for my market stall display.

My Pouss Design display at Etsy Made Local Bristol, December 2018

My Pouss Design display at Etsy Made Local Bristol, December 2018

Props - chosen carefully and without dominating a display, carefully curated props can really enhance your craft stall. I always like to use fresh or dried flowers in little posy arrangements to complement the delicate and pretty nature of my jewellery in my signature pastel colours (like the ones pictured below made for me by the gorgeous Lucy Coco Floristy for Etsy Made Local). Using dried flowers will give you more longevity and you could use them in product photos too. I’ve also styled pop up shops using small succulents on glass and ceramic white tiles (sourced from Ikea and B&Q!). Props don’t need to be expensive, usually you can find items at home or items that you use to style your photographs. I love to hunt for potential props at DIY stores (wallpaper samples to wrap on boxes, paint samples to paint offcuts of wood, tile samples for displaying things). If you’re selling jewellery then don’t forget to take a mirror so that customers can try on your designs and see them (also don’t forget to take cleaning things like a duster and some Mr Sheen for the mirror, I speak from experience!).

Have you seen any amazing market stalls or shops lately? Let me know, I always love to discover new designer and makers.

-Amanda x

Macrame workshop at The Forge and meeting Insta friends in real life

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I find the best solution for a lack of creativity is to try something completely different. When my Insta friend, Susana of Tent Living, told me that she would be in Bristol to host a workshop at the beautiful Forge, Bristol it was the perfect tonic to a frustrating period of writers and makers block. 

Macrame is the delicate art of knotting cord and/or string together to form patterns that come together to make wall hangings, plant pot holders, hammocks, room dividers, there are so many options. 


Friendship bracelets were one of my teenage loves so I assumed macrame would be like a larger version of that. And I found that it was. Only my brain is not teenage anymore and riddled with 3 years of sleepless nights from a toddler. I had a real problem with left and right (who knew!). 

Regardless of this, Susana was such a fantastic, patient teacher. And I loved how even with the same set of instructions each student came out with a completely different type of macrame wall hanging. 


When you concentrate on a series of knots it can get quite intense, concentration is definitely required. But stepping back to see the little knots become patterns and finally something quite satisfying and complete was wonderful. I'm not sure I've ever given myself 3 hours to just solely concentrate on tying knots, but it was a very calming experience. Some related it to knitting, the same momentum and relaxing rhythm of repetitive motion. 


Have you ever met any online friends in real life? Susana and I met on Instagram through a follow Friday feature earlier this year, I loved her feed (minimal, pastels, beautifully telling the story of her making journey). In real life her creativity is infectious and she is bursting with wonderful ideas and talents (such as antique treasure hunting). We related over the creative frustrations of a the corporate world, realities of earning enough, being a good enough mother, having time to do it all, should we even be doing it all, insta mums, marketing - we packed a lot in to such a short time. And the wonderful thing about meeting people from online, you already feel like you know them. Conversations start off as if they are a continuation of something you started before. 

Isn't social media great? I bloody love Twitter. I'm not so sure about Instagram right now. But I should be more grateful to it as it has given me what I would now consider a real life and online friend. And a love of tying knots. 

-Amanda x