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storytelling through jewellery

Storytelling through jewellery

Amanda TaylorComment

If any of you have followed for a long while (and I mean long), you may remember that my jewellery always came with a story. Back in the day when I sold my vintage charms that I found I would write a little note with each piece to give some history of why I fell in love with it. I stopped doing that a long while ago and recently I wondered why?

Pouss Design vintage charms on plywood background

My love for jewellery evolved from childhood memories of pieces I remember my Mum and Nanny wearing. I was always someone fixated by the smells and touch of shell seagull shaped beads around my Mum’s neck when she comforted me on a baking summer day in Oxfordshire when the sky rained straw (yes, really!). I can remember the smooth feel of the glassy pearls coupled with her heady perfume on my Nan when she lifted me on her hip in my back garden on that hot summer day too. This jewellery brought a closeness to them, a thing to remember them and a moment in time with that has stayed with me. I don’t know why it evokes such strong memories for me, but maybe as a visual person I am more susceptible to these all senses memories. (side note: if you think this is also you, do read The Highly Sensitive person by Elaine Aron).

Pouss Design vintage charms on pink background

I didn’t appreciate the impact these things had on me or how I could express them until I got into art school. Ideas were your bounty which you dealt out and executed piece by piece. I always found it cripplingly painful to show any of my artwork, it all felt far too invasive and personal, yet was obviously a huge part of being a successful art student.

Today I still feel that crushing sense of dread when having to show anything that I do. I don’t know why it feels too personal and raw. I know that other designers and artists feel this way too. So I’m starting slowly, by putting the stories back into my jewellery, piece by piece, so that you can read about why they are here and what they mean.

I may write the fuller stories behind the pieces as blog posts but for now I am going to update the descriptions of everything in my shop. Do check back if you’re interested, I will also post some on social media over the next few weeks.

-Amanda x

P.S - ‘Show your work’ by Austin Kleon is a great read, perfect for people like me who don’t like showing the world what you’re up to.